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How to Write a Book About Death and Dying with Joanna Penn

Learn how to handle difficult subjects in your writing (and why you should!)

In this episode I interview Joanna Penn, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fiction and non-fiction, about why and how we should each feel empowered to tell our own stories, even when they focus on difficult subjects like death and dying. Joanna’s website is regularly voted one of the top 10 sites for writers and self-publishers. Read about Joanna’s work at and listen to her excellent podcast too!

Joanna Penn writes thrillers under the name J.F. Penn and she also writes inspirational non-fiction for authors. She is an award-winning creative entrepreneur and international professional speaker who talks with us today about how to write the stories that we are carrying inside of us so that we can help others with our words. If you have been wanting to write a book (as most Americans say they want to do) then this interview will help you get started – especially if you want to write about the difficult subjects of death, dying and grief.

In this interview we’ll talk about:

  • How writing our stories can change us

  • How to overcome self-doubt as a writer

  • How to actually finish what you’ve started

  • How to handle the vulnerability that comes with telling your own story

  • How to get started writing your book

Joanna is an excellent resource for information on writing and self-publishing which she shares through her blogs, podcasts, books, and courses. Check out her website to learn more and connect with Joanna. Listen to the interview:

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