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The Hero's Journey at the End of Life by Karen Wyatt

Learn what the Hero's Journey can teach us about facing challenges in later life.

In this solo episode I share some thoughts about the archetypal Hero’s Journey, conceived by Joseph Campbell as a template for the transformative experiences of our own lives and those who are facing the end of life. Each of us has the opportunity to be a mentor for someone who is going through the ordeal of their own hero’s journey and this model can help us understand how to offer support and what is needed from us. Download a one page handout at the link below:

This episode includes:

  • Why the archetypal Hero’s Journey applies to people at the end of life

  • Why things generally have to fall apart before transformation can occur

  • How dissolution of life’s equilibrium can lead to either transformation or regression

  • The importance of a mentor for people experiencing the sacred end-of-life journey

  • The most important tasks of the end-of-life hero’s journey

    • Reframing Suffering

    • Strengthening Connections

    • Finding Meaning

    • Facing Fear of Death

  • How unaddressed shadow issues can sabotage transformation at the end of life

  • The benefits of stories as tools for a mentor

  • How to utilize stories to assist with transformation

Listen to this episode below:

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